We always look forward to the beautiful lights this time of year. When it snows, it’s magical when the holiday lights shine on the white powder, making it glisten. We also love when patients get glowing, bright teeth with teeth whitening. You can let your smile shine, too, with professional whitening that:

  • Helps you look healthy and youthful, whether you’re around family you haven’t seen in a while or socializing at a holiday party
  • Gives you two convenient options that don’t interfere with your busy schedule: in-office whitening that takes about an hour or at-home whitening that you do on your own time over a week or two
  • Lets you make over your smile and appearance with minimal investment
  • Makes a positive impression on others, whether your future in-laws or holiday partygoers
  • Works better than store-bought whitening, with options containing up to 40 percent hydrogen peroxide

Let your smile shine this season to brighten the lives of those around you. Call Weddell Dental in Bloomington at 952-679-1365, or schedule online. Hurry – appointments run out quickly in December.

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