Make Your Holiday Wish Come True With Cosmetic Dentistry! [BLOG]

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We’re about ten days away from opening up all the presents under the tree.

You’ve no doubt gone to great lengths to find the perfect gifts for your spouse, kids, and other loved ones, but what’s under the tree for you?

Our team at Weddell Dental wants to make a suggestion!

Why not make your own holiday wish come true and finally get the gorgeous, confident smile you’ve always wanted?

Make Your Holiday Wish Come True With Cosmetic Dentistry!

Our cosmetic dentistry options in Bloomington, MN are designed to make smile dreams come true in a number of ways. We’ll help you decide which treatment will give you the results you’re after so you can love your beautiful smile and feel amazing showing it off!

*Make Your Smile Merry & Bright With Teeth Whitening*

Time, age, food, drinks, medications, habits… all can darken your teeth over the years.

But with professional teeth whitening treatment at Weddell Dental, you can lift stubborn stains in as little as an hour in our Bloomington, MN dental office!

We also offer customized whitening treatment you can do in the comfort of your own home.

When you think about all the energy, time, and money you’ve put into making holiday wishes come true for your loved ones over the years, you’re not likely to recall any of them that came that easily!

*Wrap Up Your Flawed Smile In Dental Veneers*

Part of the fun of the holiday season is wrapping presents. Creatively styling a box or bag with shimmering paper, ribbons, bows, and ornaments is part of the joy of the gift-giving (and receiving!) experience. Presentation matters, after all!

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just as easily stylize an unsightly smile?

You can!

Wrap up your dental flaws, like stains, cracks, chips, and misshapen teeth, in dental veneers, delicate but durable porcelain shells bonded over your teeth from a transformed smile!

We can custom-shape your veneers to fit comfortably and naturally with flawless teeth that stay radiantly bright all year round!

*Snap On A Brand New Smile*

Maybe you’re not ready to make any permanent changes to your smile, or perhaps you’re still unsure about the kind of financial investment you want to make with cosmetic dentistry just yet.

There’s a cost-effective way to look and feel amazing without altering your teeth or gums.

It’s a customized smile made to fit over your teeth whenever you need it! You just snap it on and you’ll have a bright, beautiful smile in an instant!

Call For A Consultation!

You spend a lot of time, money, and effort year after year making other people’s holiday wishes come true.

Now, it’s your turn!

Cosmetic dentistry at the hands of our highly-trained team at Weddell Dental look forward to turning your dream smile into a reality this season so your holiday smile is always merry, bright, and beautiful!

Why wait for Christmas? Get started now and call our Bloomington, MN dental office today at 952-679-1365 or fill out our online form to set up a cosmetic consultation.

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