The MANY Advantages of Same-Day Dental Crowns

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Dental crowns are a fundamental part of dentistry. Next to fillings, they are the most common dental restoration and something our Bloomington MN dental office has completed many times over the years.

The purpose of a dental crown is to restore a damaged tooth and keep it functional for years — if not forever. Most dental offices place dental crowns over the span of two or three visits, as we first need to restore the tooth and then craft the permanent restoration — the latter of which takes a few weeks at most dental practice.

But at Weddell Dental, we have cut down the crown placement process to just one day! Instead of waiting weeks for your permanent crown, you’ll leave our office with a beautiful, permanent restoration on the same day. So, go ahead and schedule your first visit us with, 952-373-4906.

It’s possible for use to deliver permanent crowns in one day because we’re using the technology CEREC. This system uses digital digital imaging and a milling station to provide precise, great-looking crowns. It’s like having a dental lab in the corner of our office.

Here are some of the ways CEREC can help your smile:

Less time in the office — This is the most obvious benefit of CEREC. I mentioned it earlier, but it’s worth repeating. Having a dental crown often means visiting the dentists at least twice — and usually the second visit is quick. During that visit, the dentist will seat your crown and check your bite for function with the new crown. It takes much less time than restoring the tooth, but you still have to take time off work or away from your family to go to the dentist.

No goopy material — We don’t have to use goopy materials that might trigger your gag reflex because CEREC using a digital scanner. We simply swipe the digital scanner around the area, and that’s it! Additionally, because the digital scan goes directly to the computer, you can expect an accurate impression of the tooth. The digital technology cuts out the likelihood of human.  

No more temporary crowns — If you’ve had a dental crown before, you’re probably well acquainted with temporary crowns. Dentists use temporaries because they need time to craft your permanent restoration, a job generally tasked out to a dental lab. In some cases, patients wear temporary crowns for two months while their permanent crown is being fabricated. Temporary crowns are typically made from acrylic material and sometimes smaller than the natural crown or permanent dental crown. Acrylic is not as aesthetic as permanent crowns or as strong. And in some unfortunate cases, temporary crowns can dislodge. Our CEREC patients are relieved to NEVER have to wear a temporary crown.

Strength and aesthetics — CEREC crowns are made from durable all-ceramic material. We mill the crown from a chunk of ceramic material that is lifelike and strong. You won’t find any metal in these restorations (metal typically kills the translucency of the crown, and patients with metal-based crowns almost always develop a dark line near the gum line). CEREC also includes a detailed shade chart, so we can match your crown with your natural smile.  

How We’re Using Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are by far one of the most versatile restorations in dentistry. At Wendell Dental, we use dental crowns to cover up smile flaws like heavy staining, cracks, chips, or even breaks. We can also use dental crowns to restore teeth after root canal therapy or to restore a dental implant.

CEREC digital technology give us the ability to take much of guesswork out of the crowns process in addition to cutting down your time in the dental chair. Having a crown has never been easier. If you’ve been told you need a dental crown, you can have a great-looking crown ready in our office in about 90 minutes. It’s that easy. You can sit in the office and relax, watch TV, or catch up on work while we’re finishing your crown. And, because we designed the crown, we can make an necessary alterations right in our office.

We’d love to meet you and discuss more of our smile solutions. Give us a call today at 952-373-4906 to book your first appointment with us.  



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