Sleep Apnea Treatment

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Could sleep apnea be behind your constant state of fatigue? You might be in need of sleep apnea treatment if:

  • Your partner has noticed you stop breathing for moments at a time while you sleep
  • You have aggressively loud snoring that keeps your partner up at night
  • You wake up feeling exhausted even when you’ve gone to bed at a reasonable hour
  • You wake up with an unexplained headache every morning

Bloomington, MN dentist Dr. Kenneth Weddell can diagnose and provide you with sleep apnea treatment. Put an end to your bedtime battle. Call Weddell Dental at 952-679-1365. Even if you don’t have dental insurance, our in-house dental savings plan can help. Find out how to sign up today!

What Is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is when you take pauses in your breathing while sleeping. If that sounds serious, it’s because it is. These little breaks in your breathing make it difficult for your body and brain to get the necessary levels of oxygen. If you’re a man, you’re two to three times more likely than a woman to suffer from sleep apnea.

There are two types of sleep apnea, obstructive and central. Central sleep apnea is related to the nervous system and is far more rare. Dr. Weddell can treat you for the much more common obstructive sleep apnea. Obstructive sleep apnea is caused when the relaxed tissues in the back of your throat or your tongue blocks your airways while you sleep.

Sleep apnea can increase your risk for:

  • Depression
  • Dementia or Alzheimer’s
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke

If you’re concerned you might have sleep apnea, you should get diagnosed as quickly as possible for the sake of your overall health and well-being. If you’re interested in more information about sleep apnea and getting a specific sleep apnea treatment, send us a request using our online form.

How Does Dr. Weddell Treat Sleep Apnea?

When you visit our Bloomington, MN dentist office for a sleep apnea consultation, Dr. Weddell will begin by discussing your symptoms and then give you an exam. He’ll measure your airways with a pharyngometer and then he’ll map your nasal passage with a rhinometer. You shouldn’t expect to feel any pain during your exam.

If it appears you have sleep apnea, top Bloomington, MN dentist Dr. Weddell can make you a custom mouthguard. This oral device will create more space in the back of your mouth by gently pushing your jaw and tongue forward. Because your mouthguard is designed just for you, you’ll experience a more comfortable fit. If a mouthguard works for you, there’ll be no reason for you to use a loud, invasive CPAP machine.

Discover the satisfaction of a good night’s sleep by getting sleep apnea treatment. Call 952-679-1365 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Weddell, or feel free to use our online form to schedule your sleep apnea treatment Bloomington, MN area. Dr. Weddell is a skilled Bloomington, MN dentist with 30 years of experience in dentistry.

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Video: Sleep Apnea Treatment at Weddel Dental - Dr. Kenneth Weddell Bloomington, MN

Dr. Kenneth Weddell explains more about sleep apnea ( and the health risks it may cause if not treated. He also shares a story of a sleep apnea patient that he help treated. Call our Bloomington, MN dentist Dr. Kenneth Weddell at 952-649-6134 to schedule your dental treatment and have that beautiful smile that you've always wanted. Follow Dr. Weddell and Weddell Dental on Facebook: Twitter: Google+: To watch more videos from Dr. Kenneth Weddell, subscribe to his Youtube Channel: 8900 PENN AVENUE SOUTH, SUITE 307 BLOOMINGTON, MN 55431