Your kids may not be able to get school supplies and a new fall wardrobe here. But they can get a boost of confidence with our dental cleanings for school!

As we like to say, you have a long life to live, and you need to smile, eat, and talk well throughout life. Regular dental checkups are the best way to ensure your kids can do all these things confidently now and for years to come. That’s why we take routine hygiene visits seriously.

You and your kids can expect:

  • A gentle but thorough cleaning, with a polish to make their teeth shine
  • A visual exam by the hygienist and dentist of their teeth, oral tissues, jawbone, and bite
  • Digital X-rays for a quick way to identify any problems in detail
  • Extra cavity protection with fluoride and/or sealants, if needed
  • Mouthguard fittings if your kids are active and you’d like the extra protection
  • Education on the best oral hygiene techniques
  • Answers to all their questions and your questions about their dental health
  • Nutritional counseling as needed, since their diet plays a role in their oral health
  • A discussion of any problems we find, such as misaligned teeth, decay, and wisdom teeth issues
  • Solutions to those problems

We make regular dental checkups as easy as possible for busy families. For example, we accept many insurance plans and have an in-house dental savings plan for those without insurance. Anxious kids can get laughing gas to relax them. We also offer early morning appointments. 

Get your kids’ smiles looking and feeling great! Book their dental cleanings for school in Bloomington when you call Weddell Dental today at 952-679-1365. You can also schedule online.

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