Sleep Apnea Stop Snoring With A Simple Appliance!
  • Sleep soundly all night & awaken refreshed
  • Enjoy a hassle-free CPAP alternative
  • Improve your health by treating your sleep disorder

Feel More Energized by Treating Sleep Apnea in Bloomington

You feel tired all the time. You struggle to stay awake while watching television, and your partner keeps complaining about your snoring. These are all reasons to set up a consultation to discuss treating sleep apnea in Bloomington, MN. This sleep disorder is not something you can ignore. By getting treatment, you can:

  • Wake up feeling refreshed
  • Stop your constant snoring
  • Maintain your focus more easily
  • Prevent daytime sleepiness
  • Avoid health complications linked to apnea
  • Improve your mood

For more than 30 years, Dr. Weddell has provided many kinds of dental care. As a Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine, he has vast experience and knowledge in treating sleep apnea with oral appliances. Put his sleep dentistry training to work for you! Find out what a feels like to wake up after a night of deep sleep. Call Weddell Dental today at 952-679-1365 to set up a consultation.

Skip the CPAP for a Simpler Solution

People who have sleep apnea stop breathing when they fall asleep. Your brain responds by waking you, although you may not remember it. These stoppages can occur hundreds of times every night. They prevent you from reaching the stages of deep sleep. These stoppages put stress on your body, which may explain why people with this condition have an increased risk of depression, diabetes, heart disease, and dementia.

Obstructive sleep apnea is the most common type of this sleep disorder. It occurs because your muscles relax when you fall asleep. Soft tissue can then block your airway. To treat this problem, you must keep the airway open. A continuous positive airway (CPAP) machine does this by pushing air into your mouth or nose to keep the airway open. Many people find the CPAP troublesome to use because they don’t like wearing a mask, the sensation of the air pushing into their mouth or nose, or the sound of the machine.

As an alternative, Dr. Weddell can design a special oral appliance for you. The appliance:

  • Works by shifting the resting position of your lower jaw to keep your airway open
  • Allows you to remain asleep long enough to enjoy deep, rejuvenating rest
  • Doesn’t require electricity, batteries, or any other power source
  • Is much easier to transport and use while traveling than a CPAP
  • Fits comfortably in your mouth, much like a sports mouthguard
  • Is less distracting for both you and your bed partner

If you suspect that you may have this condition, set up a consultation at Weddell Dental as soon as you are able. We can conduct an assessment and, if needed, we can help you get started on treating your condition. Don’t wait to treat your sleep apnea in Bloomington, MN!

Call 952-679-1365 or schedule online to make your appointment. Remember to schedule your regular exams too.

Common Questions About Sleep Apnea

What is sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea occurs when the tongue and other soft tissues in your throat relax and temporarily block your airway. Your breathing will be interrupted until your brain signals your body to wake up and take in more oxygen. You take a few normal breaths before dozing off to sleep once more. This cycle can repeat itself dozens of times an hour throughout the night.

Why is sleep apnea bad?

One common result of sleep apnea is excessive fatigue during the day. This makes it tough to concentrate or focus on tasks. Studies have linked it to sleepiness while driving, which can obviously be dangerous. In addition, research shows that sleep apnea leads to increased incidence of high blood pressure, diabetes, and other health problems.

How is sleep apnea treated?

A CPAP machine is often prescribed to help sleep apnea sufferers. It works by blowing a constant stream of air through the air passages via a mask. However, many people have trouble getting used to this therapy. As an excellent alternative, Dr. Weddell can have a sleep appliance made for you that fits comfortably in your mouth and moves your lower jaw forward a bit to help keep your airway open.

Are sleep apnea machines quiet?

CPAP machines do produce some noise, which can be annoying to you and your bed partner. Silence is just one of the advantages of treating sleep apnea with a mouthguard instead of a CPAP. Most people also find it easier to adjust to wearing a mouthguard and more comfortable. In addition, you can easily transport a mouthguard by simply putting it into a purse or pocket.

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