You may have heard that regular dental care is intended to prevent oral surgery. It’s why we encourage patients to take care of their oral hygiene, come in twice a year for checkups, and address any problem areas as soon as possible. All of this is true. But sometimes, oral surgery is necessary and a preventive measure you can take to keep the rest of your teeth healthy and intact!

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When Should I Get Oral Surgery?

In an ideal world, you could keep all of your teeth. But in the real world, you may need a tooth extracted. Oral surgery can be extremely helpful when it comes to eradicating pain, getting rid of a damaged or broken tooth, or giving your mouth a great foundation for the next step in your dental care plan.

You could need a tooth (or teeth) extracted for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Severe Damage – Repairing your natural tooth is always the first step. However, if a break is too severe to fix with a crown, we will recommend removing and replacing the tooth.
  • Severe Decay – Dental injuries aren’t the only way to weaken your teeth. Decay can leave your tooth too weak for a repair job with a filling or crown. Removing and replacing is your best option in this case.
  • Orthodontic Preparation – Your teeth may be overcrowded in your mouth. Taking out a few teeth to prepare for your orthodontic procedure(s) sets you and your smile up for success. 
  • Preparation for Implants – If you’re a good candidate for implant-supported dentures, taking out remaining teeth might be easier to give you the smile of your dreams.
  • Wisdom Teeth Removal – Often, your wisdom teeth cause more problems than they’re worth. If they become infected or impacted, it can cause awful pain and discomfort, not to mention more problems in your mouth. Wisdom teeth removal will help your smile stay healthier. 

Preparing for Oral Surgery

Information is the key to success! We want you to ask any questions about your procedure. Find out what the risks and benefits are to your surgery. 

The night and morning before your surgery, stay away from food and drink. If you need to take medication, or if you’re going to have oral sedation, a small sip of water is okay.

Arriving in plenty of time will help you get settled. It’ll also give you a chance to complete paperwork, ask any last-minute questions, and get comfortable before your procedure. 

After Oral Surgery

Your mouth might hurt. That’s normal — you’ve just had a big surgery! It’s important to take it easy, avoid strenuous activity, and follow your aftercare instructions. Aftercare depends on your procedure, but a good rule of thumb is to watch what you eat and stay on top of your pain medication. They’re prescribed for a reason!

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