When you think of crooked teeth, what comes to mind?

We wouldn’t be surprised if you think of teenagers wearing metal braces. Yet, more and more adults are trying orthodontic care to fix crooked smiles, overbites, and gaps between their teeth.

One of the reasons why is many of them no longer have to wear braces. Instead, they use ClearCorrect, which you can try at our dentist office in Bloomington, MN.

We think you will find that ClearCorrect has some “clear” advantages over braces, especially for working adults.

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ClearCorrect Vs. Braces

Many adults who are considering orthodontic care want to know if ClearCorrect is as effective as braces. This is a fair question, and it’s one you deserve an answer to before you make a decision.

For many people, ClearCorrect can give you the same results as traditional metal braces. ClearCorrect is effective on most mild and moderate alignment issues. Many patients seeking this treatment fall in that category. For severe alignment issue, braces may be the only option.

With that said, ClearCorrect (and braces) can be used to fix the following problems:

▸ Overbites

▸ Underbites

▸ Open bites

▸ Crossbites

▸ Gaps between teeth

▸ Crowded teeth

▸ Crooked teeth

The time involved in your treatment will vary, just as it does with braces, based on your individual issues.

Dr. Kenneth Weddell will be happy to examine your teeth and let you know if ClearCorrect is a good solution for you. Again, call 952-679-1365 to make an appointment.

The Advantages of ClearCorrect

Now that you know some of the ways ClearCorrect is similar to braces, let’s discuss the benefit of this system.

▪︎ ClearCorrect is less noticeable.

You may have worn braces as a teen. Even if you didn’t, you probably had a friend who did. In either case, you know that braces are not something that you can hide.

We expect to see teens with braces, so that’s not entirely a surprise.

If you are a young adult just starting a new career, then braces may serve as a further reminder to your co-workers that you are the new kid.

If you are a little older, then wearing braces may be awkward for a variety of reasons. Imagine talking to a potential client or customer. Your braces could be a distraction that keeps her or him from hearing what you are trying to say.

ClearCorrect does away with the brackets and wires entirely in favor of transparent aligners. Your aligners are custom-made for your teeth. As a result, they become virtually invisible when you are wearing them.

Most people won’t notice that you have them on.

This can help you feel more comfortable in professional, personal, and social situations.

▪︎ ClearCorrect can be removed.

When you have braces, you have them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for as long as your treatment lasts. (In some cases that can be years.)

That means you have to make some changes during your treatment. For instance, you really should avoid hard and crunchy foods like pretzels, popcorn (because of the potential for rogue unpopped kernels), and nuts. You also should avoid things that are chewy like soft caramels or gums.

And you may need to avoid foods that require serious biting like apples and corn on the cob.

Any of those foods can cause wires to bend or break or cause brackets to come loose.

With ClearCorrect, you can keep eating whatever you want throughout your treatment. Why? Because you can remove your aligners during meals and snacks.

You do need to wear your aligners most of the time but knowing you can remove them for up to a few hours each day makes your treatment easier to handle.

This also makes it easier to brush and floss your teeth after meals.

▪︎ ClearCorrect is more comfortable.

You will need to change your aligners every few weeks to keep your teeth moving in the right direction. And you will feel some gentle pressure each time you make that change.

But your aligners are made of smooth plastic, and that makes a big difference in your treatment experience.

With braces, you will feel each and every adjustment. And for some people, the brackets and wires can feel scratchy against the soft tissue of their mouths.

Which would you rather deal with for the next year or more?

If live in or near Bloomington, MN, and you want a straight smile, make plans to visit Weddell Dental. Call 952-679-1365 or contact us online to let us know that you want to find out if your are good candidate for ClearCorrect.