It’s time to do something for yourself.

You’ve wanted to do it, but you keep putting it off. How many more mornings will you wish you had changed your smile before you take steps to do something about it?

How long until you call our dentist office in Bloomington, MN, at 952-679-1365 or contact us online to schedule a consultation to discuss ClearCorrect?

You can have a straight smile, and you might be able to make it happen without ever wearing brackets or wires.

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Who Is ClearCorrect For?

In a general, ClearCorrect can help nearly any patient with mild or moderate alignment or bite issues.

Because of how ClearCorrect moves your teeth, many patients are more willing to use it to complete their orthodontic care. The transparent aligners used in this system make it more discreet than metal or ceramic braces.

If you are a working adult, the thought of wearing braces to work, where you have meetings with co-workers, clients, and potential customers, could discourage you from starting treatment. If you are OK with that, that still doesn’t mean you’ll want to wear braces in social or personal situations, however.

Coincidentally, the Food & Drug Administration recently reported that 1 in 5 orthodontic patients is now 21 years or older. Services like ClearCorrect could be part of the reason for this shift.

What Can ClearCorrect Do?

At Weddell Dental, we use ClearCorrect as part of our cosmetic dentistry. This service can fix a wide range of problems you may be having with your smile:

⭗ Crooked or crowded teeth

⭗ Overbites and underbites

⭗ Open bites

⭗ Crossbites
⭗ Gaps between teeth

To know for certain if ClearCorrect is a good option, you should let our dentist, Dr. Kenneth Weddell, examine your mouth and talk to you about your smile goals.

Dr. Weddell has been working as a dentist for more than 25 years. For more than 20 years, he practiced dentistry in Western Michigan, but in 2012, he moved to Bloomington, MN, so he could be closer to his family.

You also may like to know that he has attained the Mastership rank in the Academy of General Dentistry. This is awarded to only 1 percent of dentists. In other words, you will be receiving advanced care from a world-class dentist if you choose to come to use ClearCorrect at Weddell Dental.

Why Do People Prefer ClearCorrect To Braces?

This differs from patient to patient, but ClearCorrect does have some definite advantages for people who want straighter smiles.

ClearCorrect is discreet. We know we mentioned this above, but it’s worth mentioning again.

If you could walk into a room filled with professional contacts, would you rather be wearing metal braces or a set of transparent aligners, which most people won’t realize you are wearing?

ClearCorrect aligners are custom-designed just for you. During each step in the treatment process, you will have an aligner that conforms to the shape of your smile.

ClearCorrect aligners can be removed.

This is a something you simply cannot do with braces. Even so, being able to take out your aligners for up to a few hours each day can make your treatment much more bearable.

For instance, people with braces are supposed to avoid eating many things. Foods that are too hard, too crunchy, or too chewy can get stuck, break brackets, or pull wires out of place.

With ClearCorrect, you can keep eating the foods you want to eat throughout your treatment. All you have to do is remove your aligners during meals, clean your teeth and your aligner, and put the aligner back in your mouth.

ClearCorrect is comfortable.

We should clarify what we mean. You will be able to feel it when you switch from one aligner to the next one. That gentle pressure is one way you know that your teeth are still moving.

The aligners themselves are smooth, so you won’t have the brackets and wires that you would have with braces. Some people find their brackets scratch the soft tissues of their mouths. Other people learn the hard way what it feels like to get poked in the cheek or gums with a broken archwire.

Is ClearCorrect Right For You?

To find out, start by scheduling a consultation at Weddell Dental. Call our office at 952-679-1365 or contact us online.