It’s amazing how much time modern dentistry saves our team and you! You can whiten teeth several shades in just one hour now. You can straighten your teeth in months, not years, without any braces at all. You might be amazed at what we can do to repair and enhance your smile in just six months or less.

Why six months? It may be hard to believe, but Valentine’s Day is just six months away. There’s a host of services we can offer to give you your dream smile to look your best that day and impress the special someone in your life. After all, surveys show that most people think a good-looking smile makes someone look more attractive and approachable.

The question isn’t can we make over your smile; it’s how can we make over your smile? Take our quiz below, then call Weddell Dental today at 952-679-1365 to request your consultation. We’ll help with the finance side, too.