Nagging dental problems can be embarrassing because they affect your physical appearance and self-esteem. No one wants to have dental problems, but not everyone has found that great dentist to work with.

If you’re living in the Bloomington MN area and want to resolve your dental issues, come find us. We can treat almost any dental problem at Weddell Dental, whether you’re dealing with cosmetic dentistry issues or even missing teeth. You can give us a call today at 952-679-1365 or use the online form to book a visit.

Today we want to share a few ways we can enhance your smile so you’ll never have to be embarrassed about your teeth ever again. Some procedures may take longer than others, but we can also resolve some of your issues in one day.

Fix Stains, Cracks, and Chips in Your Smile

Sometimes our teeth fade with age or develop stains because of consuming dark drinks like soda or coffee. These pesky stains can ruin in a good smile. Your teeth could be perfectly straight and healthy, but if they are stained, you might not have the best smile you can have. A little teeth whitening or cosmetic dentistry can turn around your smile.

Our office uses two types of whitening: in-office teeth whitening and at-home teeth whitening.  Our in-office whitening is a great option for patients who need a whiter smile in a hurry! The whitening solutions is placed on your teeth and then activated by a light. This method whitens your teeth by several shades in about one hour. If you have more time, you can also whiten your teeth at home. We’ll prescribe a whitening solution and design a custom mouthguard for you to use at home. You’ll use the whitening treatment every night for a few weeks, and you’ll notice drastic improvements in your smile.

If you have other needs beyond dental stains, you might consider covering those problems with dental veneers.

Restore Damaged Teeth or Replace Missing Teeth

Most of us with have dental decay in our lifetime. Some of us had cavities as children, or we needed larger restorations later in our lives. At Weddell Dental, we can place tooth-colored fillings to repair a small amount of decay. These tooth-colored fillings actually blend in with your smile and also bond with your tooth (a benefit you won’t get from metal fillings). If your decay cannot be repaired with a filling, we can also use dental crowns. A dental crown, also known as a cap, is placed over the tooth to protect it and keep it functional for years to come. Most dental offices require two or three visits to place a single crown.

At our office, we can place a long-lasting dental crown or bridge in about 90 minutes. We can deliver crowns so fast because we’re using elite technology. The technology, CEREC, uses digital imaging and in-office milling station to design and fabricate crowns or bridges. We’ll take a digital scan of the tooth and then send that image to a computer to design the restoration. After that, it’s just a matter of waiting for the restoration. You can watch a movie, chat with our staff, or use the knock out some work while you’re waiting for the restoration.

If your problems extend beyond what can be fixed with a dental crown or dental bridge, you might consider dentures or dental implants. Few things are more frustrating or embarrassing than having a missing tooth. But we have two ways to correct the problem and have you smiling with pride again. Dentures are one of the oldest ways to replace missing teeth, but it’s hard to get good stability or biting force from from dentures. That’s why we’re also using dental implants to replace single missing teeth, to stabilize dentures, or to rebuild an entire arch with a state-of-the-art method known as All-on-4® dental implants.

Though placing a dental implant does require oral surgery, it has it many benefits. Here are a few things you can expect from dental implants:

  • Restore your mouth back to its original state
  • Stable new teeth that can be restored with crowns, bridges, or dentures
  • Prevention of jawbone recession
  • More youthful smile

As you can see, there are many ways to repair your smile. Our goal is to give you a smile that is functional and beautiful. If you want to take the next step to rebuild your smile, give us a call today at 952-679-1365 or use the online form to request a visit.