Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays for many reasons. The food, the family, the big game, the leftovers. If you’re wearing dentures or are missing teeth, these things might not be as enjoyable as they are for people who have all their teeth. That’s why teeth implants are an ideal solution to missing teeth or old dentures.

With implants, which are placed into your jawbone for a lasting solution, we can attach replacement teeth that will stay in place, whether you’re chewing into a roll, eating pecan pie with everyone else, yelling at your team during the game, or laughing and talking with your family.

Stop thinking about what you’re missing out on during the holidays – and during life. Ask us about teeth implants at your next visit to our Bloomington office. To schedule one, call Weddell Dental today at 952-679-1365, or schedule online.

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