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When it’s time, it’s time. If you’re at an age where your missing teeth are making you struggle to chew your food, it’s time to consider dentures or a full-mouth reconstruction. At our dental office, Bloomington, MN dentist Dr. Weddell often recommends dentures options for patients who:

  • Are missing some, most, or all of their teeth
  • Can’t properly chew their meals
  • Are embarrassed by their toothless smile

Does this sound like you? Learn more about how denture can improve your quality of life by scheduling a consultation with Bloomington, MN dentist Dr. Weddell at 952-679-1365. He’s an experienced, caring dentist who’s completed thousands of hours of continuing education throughout the course of his 30-year career.

Types Of Dentures At Weddell Dental

Denture are replacement teeth. They look like natural teeth and fit right over your gums. Saliva or dental paste, along with a good fit, can be used to hold your denture in place. Dr. Weddell offers three styles:

  • Partial denture for replacing a series of missing teeth
  • Full denture for replacing a full arch of teeth
  • Implant-supported denture that are held in place by dental implants

There are many benefits to supporting your denture with dental implants:

  • Dental implants can stop or slow bone loss. Traditional denture alone cannot.
  • Dental implant denture reduce gagging and friction that can cause gum irritation.
  • Dental implants create a more secure hold than saliva or adhesives.

The Dentures Process

You journey for replacement teeth will begin with a consultation with Dr. Weddell. He’ll chat with you about what you’d like to achieve with your replacement teeth. He’ll also explain the different choices to you like denture, dental bridges, and dental implants.

If dentures are the best choice for you, we’ll discuss your options and schedule any oral surgery you might need to remove remaining teeth if you plan on getting a full set. Top Bloomington, MN dentist Dr. Weddell may also choose to take impressions and images of your mouth at this time to create a model for your denture.

Don’t delay satisfaction with your smile. Call 952-679-1365 or use our online form to schedule your dentures Bloomington, MN area consultation with Dr. Weddell. He’s a skilled dentist who can help you achieve the results you want.

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